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The Mission of Destiny's Promise

In the Philippines, over 2 million children call the streets “home.” This shouldn’t be. We exist to find permanent, loving families through international adoption and local home placement for these kids. A place to belong, heal and thrive!

While our staff work to match kids in need with forever families, we provide a home for as long as is needed. Our house parents give love, create safety, and begin the process of healing for the orphaned and neglected children in our care.

Letting Children Be Children Again

Since 2010, approximately 125 children have been rescued from abusive homes, life on the streets or malnourishment. Given wholesome food through partnership with local farms, love and care from our 12 staff members, a private education, and spiritual health in Jesus Christ, these kids are able to begin living in wholeness, freedom and love.

Through our mission, nearly 100 kids have been successfully placed into permanent families! Transformed by God’s love and the healing that comes from family, they are now on a path of hope.
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The Work That We Do

With millions of Filipino kids facing abuse, life on the streets, hunger and abandonment--the need is great. We started out of a passion and purpose to see kids safe, in permanent, forever families.

Working in Manila, the capital city, we’re providing a dual-handed approach, for both immediate and long term care. Our home provides a safe place for these kids to stay, off the streets, in the care of house parents--a start towards healing.

But we believe kids thrive best in a permanent, forever family. Our staff work with the local government, child-welfare offices and international adoption agencies to find, match, and place these kids into their forever homes.

We believe no child is unadoptable or too old to need a family. For more information on adopting an older child (6-14 years) or a child with special needs--reach out, we’d love to hear from you!

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Melendres Life Homes
#9 Mariano Jr. Street Dolores, Taytay, Rizal 1900 Philippines


US:  417-429-8991
Philippines:  0946-1309071
Philippines:  632-8570-8704